Making Table and Chair for Restaurant

Making table and chair for restaurant is something you can hand it to us. We can make various furniture for various purposes, including for restaurant. You can have your own design and our furniture maker will work for you.

Table for restaurant usually need certain model. At the top of it can be used as place for grilling or you can have other model according to your purpose; and the chairs for the table must be matched.

Making Table

The Process of Making Table and Chair

Making table in large quantities require time and carefulness. Moreover, to make table like in the picture above also need a welder.

Making Table

The table is made of solid wood: teak. This material has many excellences. Beside presenting a classic and luxurious look, teak has better durability compared to other type of wood.

The first step in making the table is producing the board for the top. This board is composed of wood sheets. You can use an iron as a buffer to save your budget.

Making Table

Actually you can use the wood for all parts of the table. But absolutely, the cost will be more expensive as is already known that the wood, especially teak, is a prima donna for making furniture.

When making board of the table is finished, next is creating the buffer.

Making Table

It’s important to go to smoothing process for the surface of board using sandpaper. The finishing has to be done in order to make the table look more beautiful. If necessary, you can add a layer to protect the surface and it will make it more easy to clean as the table for the restaurant will be exposed to liquids.

The making process of chairs is almost the same. The chair above is also made from wood. The manufacturing process is also requiring careful and proper measurement especially for the massive production.

Making Table

To make the chairs comfortable and beautiful, the furniture maker use export quality leather for cover. The combination between wood and the cover bring the classical impression as well as elegant look.

Making Table

That’s the process of making table and chairs for restaurant. See the following video when the table and chairs have been put in the restaurant. They looks sophisticated, luxurious and unique.

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