Creating Wall Bed from Teak with Best Quality

Creating Wall Bed

Creating wall bed so we get the result as we imagine is something special. Then, if you want to create a bed that is fit to your narrow bedroom in your house– it also can be used for other purposes– you can make a bed with ‘Wall Bed’ concept. This bed can be folded. In addition, the furniture can also be used as a cabinet to store various stuffs.

Creating Wall Bed

If you want to buy such wall bed in a general furniture store, definitely it will be difficult to find. Even if there some stores that sell the item, the price would be very expensive. And the materials that used to make the furniture are most likely from engineered wood (non-pure wood). The resistance of the ‘wood’ is not good and can’t be used for the long term.

In general, the furniture stores only provide the mainstream product, common design, something that you may have seen before. The design of the bed in a furniture store is limited. Most of them just like the board with certain width and height. Then on top, there is the mattress and so on.

Well, if you want to have your own design– making a unique bed, friendly to the room and can be used for other purposes, the answer is creating wall bed. It is very interesting. And when the bed is folded, it will be totally disappeared.

Create Wall Bed by Your Own Design

But, how to make a bed like that? Making furniture such as wall bed is not easy, you can’t conduct it by yourself. The reason is making any furniture requires some materials, tools, and complete carpentry, and skill.

Creating Wall Bed want to answer your question. We are a production house for custom furniture for various purposes. You can order any item as you want with reasonable price and the quality is guaranteed.

The Process to Create Wall Bed

We always try to give satisfaction to our customer. Here, we prioritize using solid wood in the manufacturing of various furniture, such as teak and mahogany. Why we chose the solid wood because the type of wood is the best material for making furniture. Understanding about its durable, the furniture made of solid wood has better artistic value.

The age of wood we use for furniture manufacturing is over ten years old. So, the wood is already ripe for furniture manufacturing material.

There is no manipulation with such solid wood. It means that the wood that we use is completely pure, without any mixture like engineered wood that commonly on sale in the furniture store.

We will make selection and conduct drying process before the wood is processed as a furniture. The wood must be passed through the steps.

Creating Wall Bed

In process of the construction, for example in creating wall bed, have to go through gradual steps. First, from the wood that has been cut in such a way, then it arranged into a framework. Each component should be installed correctly in the manufacturing of boards, including drawer boxes and so on. We have to do the careful process with accurate measurements in order to get the best result.

Creating Wall Bed

The teak that we use to create a wall bed already has a natural color. Therefore, it’s a good choice in finishing process just do smoothing on the surface. Sometimes, no need to apply paint to protect teak wood or beautify its appearance. It’s enough with the varnish, the teak wood will reveal its sparkling dazzle.

Creating Wall Bed

The Final Process of Creating Wall Bed

Creating Wall Bed

As you can see in the picture above, making a bed with the concept of ‘Wall bed‘ is 100 percent finished. There is no addition color, just using varnish with a low glowing level. The wood is not too shiny when exposed to light, it looks natural.

It’s amazing to see that every surface is smooth because of a good workmanship. The bed for sleeping can’t be seen. But when the central part of the furniture –that looks like a door– opened, from there will be emerged very unique bed.

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