Teak Wood is the Best Material for Making Furniture

Teak wood is the best material for making furniture. Teak wood has many excellences compared with others. Teak has a straight rod, strong against weather changes, resistant to termite’s attack and easy to process. That’s why teak is the good choice for making furniture.

Teak wood is a native plant from Burma. From there, it spread to various areas that have a monsoon climate as this wood will only grow well in soil that has rainfall between 1500-2000 mm/year or at a temperature 27 – 36 celsius. For this reason, this type of wood can’t grow well in the Europe that has a cold temperature.

The growth of teak can be found in countries such as in India, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The teak that grows in Indonesia can be said as the best teak in the world. In Indonesia, teak is flourishing in Java island. The best teak woods in Java are those growing in certain areas such as in Jepara, Blora, and Bojonegoro. In these areas, the teak has better quality since it grows in the lime soil where the acidity of soil is low.

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Since ancient time, this type of wood was the main material to make some building because of its durability. They used teak to make a ship, bridge, rail pad, warship. Reputedly, the British troops in ‘World War’ were afraid if they met with ‘Jung Ship’ from China that made of teak. This means that ship that made from teak is very strong.

The Advantages of Using Teak Wood

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Based on these facts, currently teak wood is still the main material for making furniture. Indeed, this wood is considered as a first class either in terms of its beauty or durability.

Teak wood has unique different colors including light brown, grayish and dark brown. In addition, the teak surface is very smooth. Moreover, this wood has such natural oil to protect itself from attacking termites. Although without the varnish, teak wood already looks shiny.

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In this modern era, teak as the main material for making furniture may be replaced with other materials such as plywood, iron and so on. But the uniqueness and luxury of teak can’t be replaced.

In Jepara–the center of furniture manufacturing in Indonesia– most of furniture makers still use teak as the main material. But on the other hand, forests in Indonesia have decreased. Therefore, the price of teak increases in every year. But if looking to the uniqueness and advantages of using teak in making furniture, the price should not be problem. Since the results from teak are equivalent to the price.

The Process of Teak Wood Working

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Making furniture from teak wood need to go through several stages. The logs that just cut down from the forest must be cut into some pieces according to the need. After that, the wood cannot be directly used as furniture materials. The wood that has been cut has to be dried. There are two ways in the drying process, first is using traditional way by sunlight and the second is putting the wood in the oven. In essence, the purpose of it is to reduce the moisture content (MC) in the wood. So the wood will be easy to process and strong.

After the drying process is complete, the wood can be used for making furniture. Some of the furniture which is made of teak including desk, cabinet, bed, and so on. Making furniture from solid wood like teak, the result certainly have a better artistic value and of course more durable.

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