Chair Maker Creates a Unique Product from Solid Wood

Chair maker can creates for you a custom chair according to your taste. Unique and quality chair can be made from many materials such as from solid wood including teak or mahogany.

Solid wood is the best material for making furnitures. This type of wood is more resistant. So the product will be more durable compared to the one that made from plastic or something like that. Furthermore, furnitures from solid wood are more expensive and elegant.

Chair Maker

The Process of Chair Maker Create The Curved for Backrest

Making any kind furniture requires knowledge and ability to process the wood for main material. Making furniture can not be done just by cutting the wood and make it as parts of the furniture.

Prior to the construction process, the wood needs to go through the drying process. So the moisture content in the wood decreases up to 10-14 percent. By doing this, the wood will not change its shape later on.

Chair Maker

When the wood is ready, it can be cut into some pieces base on the size of furniture. Most of cutting process today uses machine so each piece could be in the right size.

Chair Maker

Creating a curved backrest can be the most complicated part. But there is a special machine. In the process of making the curved part need exactitude.

Its also important that before go to ‘wood bending’ observing to the direction of fiber. Therefore, a material for producing curved part must be considered during cutting process when the wood is still in log. Radial splitting is best for making curved part because that cutting does not pass through the center of wood.

Chair Maker

When all parts of the chair is finished, the next step is the assembling process. Each part have to be connected to other part by hooks.

Chair Maker

Then the last stage, the chair maker will do the finishing for smoothing purpose on the entire surface. In this final stage can be also providing a layer for protection.

Chair Maker

Custom chairs like image above are perfect for cafes.

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