How to Make Your Bed Like New Again

Make your bed like new again is very important. The bed is an important place in our lives. It is the place where we can recover our energy and forget all of the restless after a day of activity.

A new bed in our bedroom will provide more comfort than the old one. So, if the bed in your bedroom is too old, it can make you less comfortable. For example, the tenderness of the mattress is reduced by the time or because of other factors. Now, you have to make your bed like new again.

There are two solutions to overcome these problems. The first is by replacing your bed with a new one. But of course, this way requires a lot of funds.

The second way is to rotate the position of the mattress. This way can make the bed feels newer though it is not. This second way can be said more wisely because there is no need to spend more money but your bed will be like new again.

Make Your Bed Like New

Here how to make your old bed like new again:

First, flip the mattress. The surface of the mattress that was previously on top turned into bottom side. Thus, you find the new surface of the mattress. Since it is still rarely used, that surface feels like new. Do this at least once a year!

Second, replace the top-bottom position. It means the side of the mattress that previously is in the headboard, you can move it into another side. This technique is actually the same as the first one, the different object of implementation. Do this way every six months!

Make Your Bed Like New

Third, replace the bed cover. Changing bed-cover regularly can provide the comfort to your bed. For three months at least, you should replace it once to avoid germs and odors.

That’s a short and easy way to make your bed like new again. And if you want to get a unique and healthy bed, you can order at Custom Furniture.

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