Making Unique Office Desk with Affordable Price

Making unique office desk is the way to get productive workplace. A desk itself is a mandatory element in the office. The more comfortable the workplace, the better of productivity’s level. The good workplace also increases the spirit.

You can buy the desk for the office in any furniture stores. Mostly, you will find the same design. Maybe, you’ll quickly get the good you want. Maybe you can immediately get the good you need on the first visit. But if you want the best quality, uniqueness, and durability of furniture for the long term, the good you get from that store is not guaranteed.

Furniture product from conventional stores is usually mass-produced. It means that the accuracy of manufacturing of furniture is doubtful. Then the items you buy will be easily damaged in short period like the emerging of some problems on the color of furniture, durability of furniture and so on.

And in some furniture stores, maybe you can find the cheap furniture product. But the cheap one is usually made of bad materials. For example, furniture is constructed from engineered wood which has low quality.

Making Unique Office Desk

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Maybe in the furniture store you visit, there are exclusive products that have a different design from others and made of very good materials. But of Course, you will see that the item has the expensive price. The reason is the furniture which sold in such stores involves another cost, such as the costs of electricity rent, store building, and production costs. These cost accumulated to be the price of the furniture.

Making Unique Office Desk on Budget

To answer the problem, if you want to have unique office furniture with high quality, made from special materials with affordable price, the answer is by ordering via This is the right place to order and buy a variety of custom furniture for various purposes, for home or office. The quality is our priority and the production process is handled by experienced craftsmen. The price is very affordable and cheaper compared to any store out there because at does not include other costs.

There is so many custom furniture that has been conducted by Some time ago, created a table with ‘star wars’ design. Here is the video during the process of making unique office desk.


The Process of Making Unique Office Desk at

As mentioned earlier, CustomMebel is the production house of custom furniture. The main ingredients used are solid wood such as teak or mahogany. This type of wood is better the engineered wood.

During the production, cooperates with the craftsmen professionally. Therefore, if you want to make an office desk with a custom design that right if entrusted to CustomMebel.

Making Unique Office Desk

Before the production process, the wood that will be used as a material for furniture need to be dried after cutting. This drying process is very important in the furniture production to get the best quality. The moisture content in the wood ideally should be 15-20 percent to get the best results. To know the moisture content there are special tools to measure it. The dray wood will be easier to process–not easily broken. And later on, the wood will not change its shape.

Making Unique Office Desk

After that, the wood needs to be cut again to a certain size to make board and framework components. Shrinkage is needed to remove the rough line after sawing.

The period of production depends on the complexity of the design. If the buyer wants furniture with carved art for example, of course, it will spend more time.

Making Unique Office Desk

When the construction of all components is finished, smoothing of each component is required using sandpaper.

The the last stage is finishing or give the final touch before the process of making unique office desk is really finished. This stage includes the giving of protection on the surface of the furniture either using paint or using varnish. In addition, in this final stage also includes the installation of the handle for the drawer.

Making Unique Office Desk

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