3 Steps Wood Furniture Maker Creating Custom Bed

Wood furniture maker who already has a long experience almost able to make a variety of furniture products including custom bed. The process of making it so complicated, but it’s very interesting to follow.

First Step of Wood Furniture Maker Creating Custom Bed

The first step before making custom furniture is considering material selection. There are some materials that can be used to produce good furniture, but the best option is using solid wood like teak. This type of wood has better resistance than others.

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Furthermore, the quality of teak has different levels started from Grade A to C. Grade A is core of the wood (in center of log), which is at least 40 years old. Then the second level is Grade B and the last is Grade C.

The first live is more expensive because it is the best quality material for making furniture. It has natural oils for protection, more smooth, and has well-organized fiber.

Second Step of Wood Furniture Maker Creating Custom Bed

Once the material is ready and already dried, the next step is entering to construction process.

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Woods have to be cut into some pieces according to the size and the design of furniture that has been already determined from the beginning. The pieces of wood then to be linked to each other to make framework. The assembling system must be strong because it will be used to hold a heavy burden including the mattress and of course the owner who will occupy on it during resting.

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Therefore, the hook between part should be strong. If required, the framework hook have to be reinforced with bolts.

Wood furniture maker

Third Step Wood Furniture Maker Creating Custom Bed

Wood furniture maker

If all the parts are already assembled, the next step is finishing. The last touch is smoothing process or giving color. But keeping the natural color of bed from teak, no color addition is good idea. The most important thing there are some protection on surface that will make the wood durable.

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