Making Sofa Chair Custom and Export Quality

Making sofa chair that you can customized by yourself and has good quality now can be obtained by ordering to the furniture maker. By this way, you absolutely will the furniture design you expect.

Sometimes you can get an inspiration about the design of the chair for your home after surfing in the internet or after observing. Then the problem the furniture you want are not found in furniture stores. So to answer it, the solution is to order a custom chair on furniture services like at .

Making Sofa Chair Process

making sofa chair

The basic materials to create sofa are consisting of wood, cork, tires for the webs and upholstery. But of course, there are the other materials needed in making sofa chair.

For the framework, solid wood such as teak and mahogany are the best materials. This type of wood is more strength and certainly more durable. Actually, you can also use materials such as plywood, but solid wood will be more resistant.

Making Sofa Chair

After the framework and the webs installation completed, the next step is cork installation on each part.

Types of Coating in Making Sofa Chair

Making Sofa Chair

There are several options that can be used as coating to sofa such as leather, fabric, nylon, linen and so on. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can determine according to your taste.

Making Sofa Chair

Set up the final layer can be said as the most complicated part because in every corner must be neatly and strong. So this installation doesn’t make swelled part or any oddity because the inappropriate installation.

Making Sofa Chair

And the attachment between pieces of cloth is very important too. This process needs to be done carefully.

Order Making Sofa Chair Custom

To get a sofa chair according to your own design, you can order at You can get the best price here.

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