Creating Puff Chair Custom: Here The Process from Beginning to the End

Creating puff chair looks simple but actually it not as easy as imagined. Making that such furniture requires the ability to process wood and fabric. That’s why making puff chair not easy as imagined.

Steps in Creating Puff Chair

creating puff chair

The first step in making puff chair is the selection of the materials. It should be good to get a good result.

The best material to make a round puff chair, for example, is solid wood. This type of wood is more durable and stronger.

But on the other hand, the manufacturing process from solid wood is more difficult. For example, to make the curved part for the frame, it requires a certain technique. The measurements also must be accurate. This curved is made from the dried wide wooden board.

creating puff chair

Before working to produce curved part, it should make sketch on the plywood. The other media that can be used to draw sketches is paper or plastic. But drawing the curved design over the plywood is the easiest way because it has better stability.

creating puff chair

When doing the curved part, it must pay attention to several things including consideration to direction of wood fiber. It can make the construction better and also add the aesthetic value.

creating puff chair

Creating Puff Chair Needs Sewing Skill

Making this chair involve fabric work. Therefore, furniture maker must have sewing skills as the chair should be covered with a cloth in finishing touch.

creating puff chair

To fill the inside of the chair it use a cork that is glued in such a way. Then it becomes a unified in a certain shape.

Custom chair like this are suitable for various purposes. One of our customers use puff chair like in the picture above for a cafe property.

Creating Puff Chair Custom

creating puff chair

If you want to get a puff chair with your own design, you can order here.

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