Custom Furniture: Making Process and How to Order

Custom furniture brings you get the furniture according to your wishes. It’s difficult to find it in the furniture stores out there. Usually they only offer the product with same design that not match with your expectations.

To have furniture that fully answer your expectations, you could make them by yourselves. But the problem is, making furniture is not easy. It needs special skills and certain tools. And you have to have quality materials if you want to get best result too.

custom furniture

Kinds of Custom Furniture

custom furniture

Any furniture can be customized. So you can have a unique custom bed, for example.

In general, beds are have same designs. Most of them are box-shaped with a backrest at the top. Then the bottom side still leaves an untapped space.

For those who have limited space in bedroom, certainly imagine how to use under the bed space as a storage. Therefore, custom bed is the answer.

custom furniture

The customization for home furniture not only can be applied for the bed. Cabinet, chair, table and so on can be modified to get the results you want.

Custom Furniture Making Process

To get custom furniture, you can order it to the experienced furniture maker, for example in We are here to provide solutions for you who want to have the best custom furniture.

The materials we use are solid wood that have very high quality. This materials have an excellence compared to other materials such as plywood.

custom furniture

We will be selecting raw materials as well cutting the wood log into pieces. After that, we dry the wood with modern tools to reduce moisture content.

When the material is ready, then the next step is the construction phase including cuts the piece of wood which is adjusted to the design of furniture that will work on.

custom furniture

Smoothing the surface of each furniture part is an obligatory before going to assembling.

After all, the next step is finishing. It is to give the protection on the surface of the wood and also add to the artistic value.

How to Order Custom Furniture

To order custom furniture, please contact us!

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