Making Custom Table and Chair for the Dining Room

Making custom table and chair for the dining room which has high quality can be obtained by affordable prices. You can order to the furniture maker who are members of our network.

The Material of Making Custom Table and Chair

making custom table

There are several choices of materials that can be used to make the dining table and its chair. To get the best results, you should choose solid wood. Teak or mahogany wood is the best choice.

Solid wood as mentioned above has excellence compared to others such as Plywood. Solid wood like teak is a pure wood that grows for years in the forest. Of course, it is more resistance.

Making Custom Table and Chair Process

making custom table

The process of making table and chair for dining room done through several stages. The first stage is the selection material from wood log that can be determined its grade: A to C. Each grade has a certain maturity in terms of solidity.

After the selection, the wood need to be dried in oven or manually with the sunlight. The purpose of the drying is to eliminate moisture content (MC). So in the future, the shape of wood has not change. Its common knowledge that the best furniture are should be durable and does not change its shape: cleft, curved, or even broken.

After drying process, the wood will be cut based on the size and design of the table or chair.

making custom table

The next stage is the construction. This includes making the assembling system, manually or also can use certain tool. Before assembling, wood surfaces have to be smoothed using sandpaper.

After the assembling is done, the next step is finishing. This stage need to be done to add aesthetic value to the final result.

making custom table

Finishing of furniture includes giving the color. The most used in this final stage is giving politur. It to provide a protection on the surface of table and chairs. So, this product is hoped more durable and softer when it touched.

making custom table

If you want to make a reservation of making custom table and chair for the dining room, please contact us here!

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