Making Custom Bed to Save Your Bedroom Space

Making custom bed is something not impossible. Yes, you can make it according to the design you expected.

Bed is an important place in your life, Right? So when you are lying on it you should definitely want to get maximum comfort. For that, you need a big bed.

A bedroom space usually not too large. But on the other hand, you also want big bed in the room. While the other item in the room such as books and furniture also need a place. So you must be able to set the room to present spacious sensation.

Making Custom Bed to Save Space

making custom bed

To overcome such problem, what you have to do is making custom bed that can accommodate various items including clothes, books, and so on. You have to modify it. Under the bed that has little space, you can use it for storage.

making custom bed

Making bed that has a drawer is the answer. But the problem is finding such custom bed is hard. Even it’s available in furniture store, maybe the price is so expensive.

Making Custom Bed by Ordering in a Craftsman

making custom bed

We are furniture maker and we can make custom bed like you want. We ready to present the furniture as you imagine in accordance with the available budget.

Making custom bed requires special skills. Doing it by yourself is almost impossible unless you has complete equipment. And we can produce almost all design of furniture. Maybe you have a reference from the internet or from other sources, we ready to make it for you.

Making Custom Bed Process from Solid Wood

making custom bed

In the producing all furniture, we always use the best materials. Solid Wood is our main choices. This kind of wood including teak and mahogany have high quality. They are more durable than other types of wood such as plywood, MDF or Particle Board.

In every stage in producing furniture we work carefully. For example in the selection of wood maturity; there are several levels which classified into A to C.

After the selection, we will begin to cut it into certain sizes, sanding, assembling, and finishing.

making custom bed

Then the furniture that has been done can be delivered to the customer. If you want to make your custom bed, please contact us!

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