Making Furniture Process and The Shipping

making furniture

Making furniture process requires several stages to get maximum results. After all the processes are completed correctly, the furniture can be shipped to our domestic or abroad customers.

You need to know that the first stage in making furniture is to get the main materials from the wood log. At this stage, the wood is still intact because it has just been felled from the forest.

making furniture

After that, the wood should be sawn. The sawmills from logs are usually divided into sheets with a thickness of 3 to 15 centimeters.

After the wood has been cut, wood need to be dried. The first way to dry the wood can be at the outdoors using sunlight. And another way to dry it using a modern tool by collecting the wood in the oven.

This drying is a process to remove the moisture content (MC). If this step is not done, the shape of the wood may change in the future or not durable.

Well, when the processing of basic material is complete, the next stage is manufacturing. The wood will be cut again into a certain size according to the furniture you want to work on.

making furniture

After that, the wood is still rough. Therefore, the shrinkage section is needed to remove the coarse texture and determine the exact size for the furniture.

Then the next stage is the drilling on the wood to make the assembling system.

making furniture

Sanding stage should be done to get a good smoothness level. Some products can be sanded before assembling. But there some product that sanded after manufacturing process is finished.

making furniture

The last stage is the finishing process. In this stage, the furniture maker will give a coating on the wood to make it look more beautiful and elegant. Finishing is also providing protection for the wood.

Shipping Process for Furniture

After all these steps are passed, the furniture ready entering to the packaging.

The packaging needs special treatment to avoid damaged furniture when it comes to the customer.

making furniture

There are several choices of furniture shipping services for domestic and abroad. In general, the cost of shipping not based on the weight but the volume.

These are the processes of making furniture from the beginning until the shipping.

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