Making Custom Cafe Furniture

Making Custom Cafe Furniture

Making custom cafe furniture can be realized at You can order a variety cafe furniture according to your expectation. We will help you to find creative ideas for an affordable price.

Chair and the table is the main furniture in a cafe. The more unique the furniture you have, the more beautiful your cafe will be. And it certainly will help to improve the selling of your products.

Nowadays, the appearance is very important. So it should be a priority if you want to to have a profitable cafe. The competition between cafe now not just involves the menu. The cafe that has a good and unique appearance and offers more convenience will have better selling, favorited by the customers. Moreover, the place should be interesting and friendly for taking photograph together (selfie). If so, the comers will share your cafe location in social media and your cafe will potentially become viral.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture at the Experienced Craftsman

If you are looking for an experienced craftsman, you are at the right place to visit. We are furniture makers who already have a lot of experiences in making various furniture, including making chairs and tables for cafe. uses solid wood as the main material for making furniture, such as teak wood. This kind of wood is the best material because hardwood such as teak or mahogany has better fiber than others. Especially teak wood, it has a natural color, elegant and definitely the best.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture

The selection of material in furniture making should be considered carefully. You may make a furniture using engineered wood that is said relatively cheaper. But in fact, the resilience of furniture that made of engineered wood is not good. If it is exposed to the liquid, the shape of engineered wood will changes, difficult to clean, or even damaged.

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While the furniture for cafe should be resistant to water spills and various fluids that are sometimes cannot be avoided. Therefore, making furniture from solid wood is a wise decision.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture Process take every step in making furniture carefully to get a perfect result, starting from wood selection until finishing stage. In the end, the furniture must look great and should be durable.

The first step in making furniture is the sawmill process on the wood which is still fresh from the forest. At this stage, the wood cannot be directly used as furniture material to get the best quality.

Before the wood is cut into certain size for furniture parts, the drying process should be done. The purpose of this is to remove the moisture content in the wood. Ideally, the wood is in good shape to be processed for making furniture if the moisture just 15-20 percent. Hence, the wood will not change its shape in the future.

Then, the construction of furniture frame can be started. If you want to make a chair, for example, the wood should be cut again base on the design, including making chair leg, backrest, board and so on. Each component needs to be shaved to make the surface smooth.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture

The longest process in making furniture is the construction stage. To create a chair, for example, the craftsman must make the hooks on each component. Making a dowel hole, tenon, and mortise sometimes must be done repeatedly on a special machine to get the right results. This section should be done carefully as this stage will determine the final result in the furniture making. If there is a little bit error in measurement, the result will not be perfect. Therefore, this stage requires expertise and high-level of accuracy.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture

After the construction stage is completed, the wood surface should get special treatment. The finished components need to be smoothed using sandpaper. By the way, this step can be done either after assembling or before it.

The last stage is finishing. This is the last touch in making furniture. For the furniture that made of wood, varnish is mostly used in finishing. Varnish is a liquid to provide a protection on the wood surface without removing the original color of the wood. Varnish has several sheen levels starting from doff to glossy.

Making Custom Cafe Furniture

If you are going to making custom cafe furniture, you can contact us here!

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