Furniture Maker in Jepara Creating Dining Tables

Furniture maker

Furniture maker in Jepara, Indonesia have some primacies compared with others. This city has been famous with its handicrafts. They has long history in making furniture with excellent quality. To create a set of dining table, it may take some days to get the best results.

The execution in making a dining table usually takes about 3-4 weeks. That the duration is to complete a simple design. If the design is more complicated, then the process will take longer time.

Furniture maker

First of all, furniture maker need to prepare the necessary materials. There are several material option that can be used to create a set of dining tables. Some materials that can be used to build the furniture is teak or mahogany wood.

Furniture Maker

Once the raw materials are available, the furniture maker usually¬† don’t take step directly into the manufacturing process. To get high quality, the wood needs to be dried in the oven. This step needs to be done to remove the moisture content (MC) in the wood. Dried wood gives better result, more quality, and durable.

After that, the furniture maker has to cut the woods in a certain size according to the designs. This stage requires the carefulness of furniture maker. The measurements also must be accurate for the precision of all parts.

Furniture Maker

To get the maximum results, the furniture that has been already assembled need to get special treatment. The furniture surface should be smoothed with sandpaper. The finishing process can also be dying on the surface to make it looks more elegant.

Furniture Maker

There are two kinds of furniture assembling if it to be sent to remote area. There is a furniture with a knock down system and permanently assembled.

Furniture with knock down system does not take a lot of space in the container. But the customers should be able to assemble it.

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