Creating Cafe Chair: Elegant, Unique and Durable

Creating cafe chair that has elegant and unique look is very important for customer satisfaction. And it is also important that the chair must be durable and high quality.

Creating Cafe Chairs DIY

It is not easy to find a unique cafe chair if you look for it in furniture stores. Because most stores out there only offer the same model which is certainly no different from the others.

Therefore, you have to make it by yourselves. Or if you can’t, you can order it in furniture manufacturing service.

Creating Cafe Chair Process

Creating Cafe Chair

For the first step, making a unique cafe chair like the picture above should started by choosing a good material. The material should be durable for the long term. Because the chair for cafe will be occupied by many people continually.

Creating Cafe Chair

The recommended main material for making these chairs is using a solid wood. If you can use teak wood, it’s great. This type of wood is strong, and teak wood is more elegant and has classic look.

Once the main material is ready, then the next step is determining the design of chair that you want to make. If the design is already determined, then the production process can be started.

Creating Cafe Chair

The existing material need to be cut into pieces base on the size of every part of chair. Then the cutting pieces arranged to make frame.

Creating Cafe Chair

Once again, making unique chair is not easy. The process of making the curved as a backrest, for example, requires particular technique and also special tool.

Creating Cafe Chair
After the assembling is done, the next step is finishing. The surface of frame must be smoothed to remove the fibers using sandpaper. In the very latest step, the frame can be colored. Or if you want to keep the chair look natural, you can give no color on it.

That’s the brief description about the process of creating cafe chair.

Now if you you want unique furniture for cafe or restaurant like in the picture above, you can order at!

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