Tips For Ordering Custom Furniture

Ordering customized furniture is always a challenge. The great part is, you get to be the product designer. We’ve put together the Top 5 Tips you need to ensure success. When selecting furniture for a space, it is important to be as specific as possible at each and every step – even down to how fabric will be applied to the piece. It is also necessary to know where in the design plan the piece will be placed and be sure it will fit to scale. It is necessary to have the right dimensions in order for all the pieces to fit together. Take a look at our list of the Top 5 Tips to remember when ordering customized furniture.


  1. Know your space’s dimensions. Make sure to work with floor plans or designer drawings so that you know the exact measurements of the space when customizing dimensions to furniture. Consider, for example, window heights so that when placing a sofa under a window, the height does not cover the view. Also, when increasing or reducing sofa or sectional lengths, consider seat and back cushion size configurations. It’s a good idea to add another cushion when stretching a frame while reducing may warrant fewer cushions. This will help maintain the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.


  1. Consider how the piece will be delivered. Make sure the project you are working on has openings that are large enough to get the custom furniture in to the space. It would be awful to order a custom upholstered king bed only to realize it will not fit through the door. In this case, ask for a split platform. Or, if you need a 140″ wide sofa, you may need to order the sofa in two parts – a left arm sofa 70″ and a right arm sofa 70″ – to ensure ease of delivery.


  1. Send a drawing. Many designers like to add treatments to our designs. Therefore, if you want to add nail heads or change legs it is best to send an image depicting the desired trim and its placement on the piece. In this case, a picture really is worth a thousand words.


  1. Choose the right wood. This is important because there may need to be seams running where you did not envision.


  1. Double check specifications. Be sure to double check your specifications and the factory’s confirmation of your order. As with all our customers, we consider ourselves partners in creating beautiful pieces of furniture, created one at a time when ordered.


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